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Direct Placement

Many factors come into play when you are trying to hire the right person to fit all of your company needs. Our expert recruiters are trained in the latest recruitment strategies, techniques and technologies. We will find your team an ideal individual – the person who not only has the necessary skill set for your role, but who also fits seamlessly into your company culture. Before the recruitment process even begins, Nucleus Solutions Group meticulously studies the ins and outs of your organization to ensure the professional we hand-select is the perfect fit.

Dedicated Recruiters

Nucleus Solutions Group believes in the power of relationships. Recruitment is a deeply human endeavor – to be done well, it can’t be automated or optimized without deep focus and personal commitment. As such, we can provide our clients with recruiters solely dedicated to their organization’s recruiting needs, day in and day out. Our recruiters have extensive industry experience as well as the cutting-edge tools and technology it takes to build your pipeline. All you have to do? Sit back and relax while you watch your company grow.

Recruitment Consulting

Does your organization need to build, fix, or improve its recruiting strategy? Whether you are a startup just beginning to grow, a mid-size company lacking a strong recruitment department, or a large company looking for process improvements, Nucleus Solutions Group’s recruitment experts can provide the insight your firm needs to structure a strong recruitment solution. We provide the tools, insight, experience, and technology necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving world.


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